Handheld Barcode Scanner

Eclipse 5145 Single-Line Laser Scanner

Scanning Technology: Single Scan Line Decode [...]

PHP 6,800.00

Fusion 3780 Omnidirectional Laser Scanner

Decode Capability: 1D and GS1 DataBar Sc [...]

PHP 18,603.00

HH360 (RS232) Linear-Imaging Scanner

Scan Pattern: Single Line Scan Speed: 300 Sca [...]

PHP 5,500.00

HH360 (USB) Linear-imaging Scanner

Scan Pattern: Single Line Scan Speed [...]

PHP 5,500.00

Honeywell HH490 Handheld 2D Area-Imaging Scanner

HH490 Technical Specification Scan Pattern: [...]

PHP 6,500.00

Hyperion 1300g Linear-Imaging Scanner

Scanning Technology: Linear-Imaging Scanner D [...]

PHP 6,600.00

SR61 Linear Industrial Handheld Scanner

Scanning Technology: SR61x1D: Linear Ar [...]

PHP 40,227.00

Voyager 1250g Laser Scanner

Decode Capabilities: 1D & GS1 DataBar Symbo [...]

PHP 5,500.00

Voyager 1400g Upgradeable Area-Imaging Scanner

Scanning Technology: Area Image (640 x 480 [...]

PHP 11,872.00

Voyager 9520 Single-Line Laser Scanner

Decode Compatibility: 1D and GS1 DataBar Scan [...]

PHP 11,448.00

Voyager XP 1470g 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner

Scan Performance [...]

PHP 7,500.00

Voyager XP 1472g 2D Cordless Barcode Scanner

Wireless [...]

PHP 24,750.00

VoyagerCG 9540 Single-Line Laser Scanner

Decode Compatibility: 1D and GS1 DataBar [...]

PHP 11,448.00

YJ4600 Area-Imaging Scanner

Decoding: supports most standard 1D and mainstr [...]

PHP 8,600.00

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