How to buy?

  1. Please search product at  (Grandtech Intl online Marketing Tools).
  2. Buyer has to Choose a Partner / Reseller nearest to your location and input the quantity under Order Now Navigation.
  3. Click "Add To Cart" if desired to order.
  4. Go to "My Cart" to see the details of your order.
  5. If there’s a coupon code you may input the details. Then, "Click Apply Coupon".
  6. Click "Proceed to Check out".
  7. Buyers has to Create an account first to become an active buyer.
  8. An email notification will send to the buyer to confirm the details of Buyers Account.  Thru that email login and password will be given too.  Kindly click the said link to update the registration.
  9. Go back to "My Cart" and click the desired item and proceed to login details. Checkout Details will appear such as Billing Information, Delivery Information, Mode of Payment and Summary.
  10. Click "Update Shopping Bag" for final order then click "Place Order" to execute the orders.  A reminder will guide you and provide you info until Checkout Success.
  11. Successful transactions will notify the registered email address of the buyer indicating tracking information.
  12. Chosen Partner / Reseller will immediately contact you once the transaction data has transmitted to them.
  13. Our Partner / Reseller will call you for delivery details.

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